Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Friday, 6 May 2016

Hash Trash - Run 205

Date: 1ST May 2016
Run Number: 205
Hares: Happy and Old Banger
Scribe: Old Banger

‘Keep an eye out for the fish bones’…….there they are……but where is the RV? Nestled in a sleepy hollow, out of sight (and some may say out of their minds), the little people danced under the silvery moon – oh no that’s not right, it was a sunny afternoon and they were gathered to worship that which they call The Hash. At these times they are known as Hashers, and call each other by very curious names.

The group grew to 19, the Hasher-ettes far outnumbering the Hashers. Luvjoy bought his big balls slung across his chest as if he knew not many would be there that day. The cows came along to investigate Stalker’s bike but decided they would not look so cool driving it.
Over the hub bub the GM called for the circle to be formed. Many rituals took place, Light Foot had a down down for being the first home on the last Hash, the Scribe appointed, the Hares were introduced (who talked nonsense), food for the on-on was decided, everyone introduced themselves to the newcomers……..and then we were off.

Up the road we went soon past the famous (hearsay!) Gumusluk Bordello. No invitations were seen to be extended and no Hashers were seen sneaking in – this place was not the final stop! We carried on along the hillside with fabulous views until we made our way down and along the beach. At this point Virgin was spotted shortcutting!
Leaving the beach we staggered onwards and yes inevitably upwards. The final hill being a killer but all managed to get back to the RV.

The GM called for the circle once again and celebrations commenced. Who was the first back?? Was it he who is light of foot again?? Down-downs were awarded to the returnees, Stalker, Fatboy Run and Icky Sue, the newcomers were Chrissie, Tricia, Isabelle and Elizabeth. Tits didn’t explain the rules on hats in the circle so she got a down down. Those with no mugs got a down down. Virgin told a virgin joke and Stalker told a joke that no one got(or maybe it was just me). There were a couple of down downs left so CV, Fishyfingers and Lightfoot’s guest had one for what I don’t know but Happy lustily sung a Hashing song, the words of which I have never heard come out of her mouth before!

And so
On On On