Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Friday, 29 April 2016

Hash Trash - Run 204

Hash Trash: BH3 Run 204
Date: 24th April 2016
Location: Kızılağaç
Hares: Culture Vulture & Virgin
Scribe: King Crapper

The Gather-round

The sun was shining and a slight breeze blowing.  It was a beautiful afternoon. The faithful 14 gathered in the shade of a large pine tree at the RV across the road from the Mangallar restaurant.
GM Culture Vulture welcomed all to BH3 run number 204.  RA Barrel awarded Culture Vulture the customary drink for being first home on the last run.
RA Barrel then explained the significance of hash 204, this being a substitute for the Kos hash which failed to run due to insufficient attendees.  He had planned to allocate Greek names to each participating hasher for the duration of the Kos hash.  Instead, for the duration of run 204, he renamed Lightfoot, the organiser of the Kos hash ‘screw up’, as Archimedes.
GM Culture Vulture invited the Hares, Virgin and himself, into the circle and briefly explained the run.  It would be flat, and the trail laid on blue flour, white chalk, and toilet paper in open grass areas.  Both back-checks (X’s) and check-backs (T’s) (possibly the other way round?) were used.  Walkers and runners would have the same trail until the runners turned left on an additional loop towards the end.  The walkers would have a final check from which they would have to find the real trail home.  And as a hint, he said runners trail was not laid along any tarmac roads.  It was all as clear as mud!

The Run

On-on was called across the road, down a lane, and behind the Mangallar restaurant.  A truck blocked the lane but Shitter found the way through.  The pack followed, providing much amusement to the workers unloading the truck.   The lane narrowed to a track, and this continued into a field containing a good crop of rusting farm equipment.
The trail then continued up a slope and along tracks and cobbled lanes on the northeast side of the valley, passing a cistern and a group of houses.  Checks, check-backs and back-checks were cleverly used to keep the pack together and at least once, the walkers found themselves at the front.  The trail ascended into scrub-land, and then descended through trees back into the fields.  Archimedes, Shitter and Fishy Fingers led the way across a small gully and into a long narrow field of olive trees with parallel fences that resembled a reservation for an unformed road.  Possibly an example of forward rural planning?  More likely not.
A tarmac road was found and the runners, taking the Hare’s earlier hint, checked the field on the other side.  The ‘toilet paper’ trail was located.  Fishy Fingers expressed a fear of spiders jumping from the cobwebs in the grass, but King Crapper thought the runners were more danger of being attacked by the old lady with a stick who was walking nearby.
The runners/walkers split was found as the trail joined a cobbled road. The runners trail turned left, away from the RV.  It then followed a track up hill and sidled along the southwest side of the valley.  Excellent views of the valley floor below were enjoyed before the runners descended to the RV.  The first walkers and runners arrived back within a minute of each other.  A well-planned and interesting Hash run.

The Down Downs

GM Culture Vulture called the circle.
First in were the Hares.  RA Barrel awarded drinks to Culture Vulture & Virgin.
Next in were the returnees;   Dopey, Claire, Shitter, But But, Archimedes, Old Wreck & King Crapper given drinks.  There were as many returnees as regulars.
Virgin hasher Ozlan was then welcomed into the circle and given a drink.
Miss-namers  Culture Vulture, Claire & Happy were called in for a drink.
Shitter was given a drink for not having picked up the paper on the ‘toilet paper’ segment of the trail.  His excuse was that he is ‘green’ and prefers to use grass.
But But was given a drink for having resigned as Hash Flash but not having anyone to hand over to.  It was said that as so many hashers took photos and provided them on facebook, that a Hash Flash was no longer required.  Not having a chronological photographic record would make writing the Hash Trash more difficult.
Archimedes was then given a drink to commemorate his feat.  He was also invited to act out a traditional Greek plate-smashing scene.  Shards flew, and were later picked up, along with a good number of old screws.
The ‘forgetful ones’; Noddy, Barrel, Happy, Archimedes, Shitter & But But, were invited into the circle and rewarded for having forgotten to bring their hash mugs.   It is difficult to imagine how they can survive without such an valued item of hash equipment.
Finally RA Barrel called the English hashers the circle.  Shitter, Fishy Fingers, Old Wreck, Happy, Claire and Culture Vulture were chastised for not having set a run to commemorate St. Georges day.
The circle was closed and most hashers enjoyed an excellent meal at the Mangallar restaurant.


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