Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Hash Trash - Run 203

Run: 203
Date: Sunday 3rd April 2016
Location: Turgutreis
Hares: Fishy Fingers, Muffin Muncher & Daffy
Scribe: Culture Vulture

A delayed start to the opening circle as we all waited for a Virgin Hasher to find (or recognise) the Hash Signs. 14 Hashers eventually arrived and, this run, the Hashers were slightly less outnumbered by the Harriettes (4 to 10).  Where have you all gone Hashers?

Culture Vulture, still as the stand-in GM (hurry back please Hose Handler), opened with a brief explanation of Hashing for the virgins, and then invited in the Hares to give their weird version of the truth about the trail.  Culture Vulture then handed over to Barrel who gave the Down-Down for First Home on the last run.  The RA gave this Down-Down as he demonstrated the way Down-Downs would be given for this Hash only (cocked little finger).  He also predicted that we would all forget for the post-run circle.  Sofie was given one of the Bodrum Hash Naming Hats so we could recognise her on the run and think of an appropriate name for her.

ON-ON was called and off we went – 5 runners (including one hare) and 9 walkers.  In a few places the trail appeared to have been erased, including a couple of checks, but the runners only need input from the hare in one location.  At one point we passed a site named Saka Evleri (Goldfinch Houses).  Unfortunately (for the residents), the bottom of the Initial “S” was obscured by foliage, so it could have read ┼×aka Evleri (Joke Houses), which was rather appropriate for an April Fool Hash.  Towards the end of the trail, where one of the checks had been erased, the walkers decided they had had enough and decided to short-cut home.  Because of this, the runners arrived back at the RV at almost the exact moment as the bulk of the walkers.  We waited for a while for two missing walkers only to realise that their car was also missing.  One Virgin and one returnee therefore missed the closing circle and the ON-ON-ON.

Culture Vulture then opened the post-run circle by calling in the Hares for the usual abuse.  Yes they did forget the special Down-Down technique – well predicted, Barrel.  A Down-Down for the one remaining Virgin, and Culture Vulture handed over to Barrel.  His first Down-Down was to the hares for forgetting to cock their little fingers.  Next was Culture Vulture for forgetting to appoint a Scribe for the day.  Then Down-Downs were given to Culture Vulture and Barrel for being the only two remaining male Hashers on the Hash again.  Two of our new Harriettes (Mirjam and Vibeke) were called in to run the gauntlet of Hash Names.  Well done the two of them for getting all correct (of course, it helps when the pack is fairly small!). Virgin was called in for not being properly dressed (only a white top, but black leggings were considered not suitable for a Virgin).  Next Sofie was called in for her naming.  After a few suggestions, Daffy was the majority call (she had previously admitted that she walks like a duck).

The circle closed and we proceeded to the Sunset Restaurant for the ON-ON-ON

A good Hash and trail (10km of hilly terrain) - well done hares.

Culture Vulture

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