Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Hash Trash - Run 202

 Hares : Tits & Long Willie
When : 20th March 2016
Where : Yaliciftlik
Scribe : Butt Butt

 Today Easter Hash has been put together kindly by Long Willie & Tits ( not sure if they are related )  at the lovely seaside location of Yaliciftlik .

As time approached to 2 pm start,it was interesting & pleasing to see new faces ,In fact they nearly outnumbered the regular hashers, So well done ! Because of Easter Hashers asked to wear yellow and most of hashers came in their yellow outfit.

After the initial welcoming formalities to the returnees and new comers , Hares called into the circle to explain about todays trail most truthful way possible ,we are told that ,run is very smooth ,flat  as usual, plus we were asked to find  and bring back raw or cooked  easter eggs which were  hidden around every circle .
Just before we took of with the accurate information which way we should start ( as Tits didn't know where we should go )  we were greeted by two more Virgin Hashers,

Runners and walkers separated at the beginning of the trail which come together several times later on the trail , run start close to the main road ,  a few- hundred meters later  after circle it is diverted lovely green lanes,
Trail continue all the way up hill and down hill with scenic route , Trail was around 7-8 km for runners and 4-5 km for walkers .
  Out of runners pack Light Foot was the first comer ,  walkers arrived soon after runners ,a few minutes of chit chat and first beers circled called and fun started .

Virgins( there were 6 of them   )called and get their down down for no reason but being virgin , visitors, returnees has their share of down down ,to follow up play a Easter Egg game ,which was quite fun . Many thanks for Hares for beautifully  painted eggs , they were painted very artistic way .
After too many down downs the circled closed and we all went On On On at   Dali Cafe to get our delicious lunch . While we finished our lunch ,Tits & Long Wille bought  out brand new towels to trade for  old ones , paying little bit extra for new ones.The money and old towels will be used for the refugees , thank you all who donated but mainly Tits & Long Wille who had been working all winter to help refugees.

Lunch followed by Wine testing & buying nearby local wine  producer .

On On

Butt Butt

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