Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Hash Trash - Run 201

Bodrum Hash House Harriers
Hash Trash, Run 201
Hares: Noddy and Barrel
Scribe: Doggy Style

This is going to be short as I’m writing it almost a month after the event….

We all assembled at the Hares’ house on a sunny afternoon and the stand in GM and RA opened up the circle.   Fishy Fingers had the down down for FRB from the previous run, then the hares told us various truths and less-truths about the upcoming route.  It was noted that a new Hash Flash was required, and Happy happily volunteered.  And so we were off…

The trail took us along the seafront in Yalikavak, through the boatyards, and then we started heading upwards.  You can always guarantee a fair few hills on a Yalikavak hash!  Some on-road, some off-road, all with great scenery and views.  There were a few dubious scrambling moments, and I was a bit worried that Fishy Fingers was going to fall backwards onto my head at one point, but we made it through.

When all were safely back, the circle was reopened and we all gave our sincere compliments to the hares for the trail.  Introductions were made to the virgins and they had their first down-down.  I was brought in for “lost property” having not taken loving-care of my mug and leaving it at Hose Handler’s and Helmet Polisher’s house.    As it was Mother’s Day, Muffin Muncher brought Fishy Fingers into the circle and presented her with a beautiful necklace, and then to make their celebration really special, Barrel decided that they should be subjected to my tuneful Welsh singing.  Not sure anyone appreciated that!  The misnamers were brought in, and Muffin Muncher and Just Sophia were awarded down-downs for some misdemeanour.  I can’t remember what, but I’m sure there were various options.  As the only men on the hash, Barrel and CV drank their beer down in a manly manner, and then the RA in-training (aka Muffin Muncher) came in to tell us some jokes that had us rolling on the floor with laughter (for some reason, there is no photographic evidence of this).
The circle was brought to a close and off we headed to Kosede to tuck into our liver and onion and fish and chips etc.  A great hash – thank you to the hares, and to everyone there!

On On, Doggy Style

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