Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Hash Trash - Run 200

Hares : Culture Vulture & Virgin
When :21st February 2016
Where : Gumusluk
Scribe : Hose Handler

Well we all finally made it hash run 200 well done all of us!!!!! The run started at 1pm at CVs & Virgins house, a VERY good turn out from our Fethiye friends. The hash was called by the GM at 1pm sharpish as we were waiting for some late hashers (Captain Crease) great to see him again. Luvjoy was called in for the FRB last run well done, Then the hares were called in Culture Vulture & Virgin, & of course they said nice & short, flat with plenty of easy routes, as they were talking about the run you could see there noses growing inch by inch!! Then Barrel was called in got a pat on the back for the dry day but the WIND was biting brrrrrr!! so ho hum. He told a good joke made us all laugh. Then we were all off for the run.

Left out of there house & through some lovely mandolina trees, I hope everyone picked at least one each, (I did) yum yum. dodging those "wild" cows as well was a bit wobbly (me being a townie)  We settled down for a lovely run with Luvjoy, Fishy Fingers, Barrel, Hose Handler, Bugle Bum, & Going Down (Looking good by the way) we all went at a fair old pace finding the trail very well. Over wooden poles, through creaky gates we all went on on enjoying a fantastic view of Gumsluk from high up, mind you the wind was biting & the waves were crashing bitter cold but we all ran on, up MASSIVE  hills puff puff!!! but as we all know if you go up you have to come down & we did right down to those crashing waves lovely!!. With a good couple of hooks & lots of detours  we all stuck together. Just as were getting close to CVs house Barrel said "Their house is just on the left" & you guessed it we turned right for another good km run nice. We all made it back to CVs house puffing & panting (9 kms ) I was told.

The circle was called by HH & he called the hares in the circle for a bit of ribbing & a down down was well deserved (Good run CV & Virgin I loved it) Then HH called them back in for a down down for being the perfect hosts well done you two!! A couple of virgins were called in for a down down they enjoyed the experience, Then in came the returnees Dopey, Captain Crease, Happy, Stalker, & a few more faces had a good down down, good to see you all again. Then handed over to the RA & he made a "corner" out of the circle (Don't ask) & he gave a down down for Culture Vulture & Wicked Willy for being mad keen hashers ie they have done at least 1000000  runs between them, well done you two. Then in came Wicked Willy as he is Fetheye GM & he gave a few down downs to the virgins & a couple of new Fetheye hashers. In came the Fetheye RA (I have forgotten his hash name sorry) I will get a down down for that. He told a very good joke to warm some people up very good one as well. He gave a few down downs for the Fetheye hashers good for them. After a few more down downs to a lot more hashers the circle was closed as the ice was hanging of a few VERY cold hashers (Tits) brrrr. Then they all piled into a few cars vans & other transport to a great venue for some well deserved food yum yum & plenty of beers as well!!

Once again thanks for all the Fetheye hashers coming all that way to make our 200th hash a special day.

See you all at the end of April.
Regards HH

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