Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Hash Trash - Run 199

Hares : Hose Handler & Helmet Polisher
When :7th February 2016
Where : Bodrum
Scribe : Muffin Muncher

Run 199 was to be held in Bodrum and was the route that was supposed to have been Run 198 but the wimpy hashers that turned up for that decided it was "too cold" and they tell me hashers do it in any weather !

The circle was called and Luvjoy was called in ( not as FRB as there wasn't one on account of there actually being no run) but to recognise his 100th Run from the hash before ! The GM and RA came in and did there thing and then On On was called and off we set .

The runners and walkers weren taken through the back streets of Bodrum with a shortcut for the walkers and at one point as the runners came stampeding past us Fishy Fingers who had dressed for the Artic decided she was too warm and started doing a striptease throwing her hat , scarf and goodness knows what else at me to carry ( I think I should be renamed Muffin the Mule nevermind Muffin Muncher !!) . Following a stroll back along the seafront we headed back out past the cruise port and to the small beach for the closing circle .

I know there were down downs given for lots of stuff but don't ask me to remember as I struggle to remember what day it is and what I had for breakfast !I know there were lots of cute dogs though as I was given the hash camera and took lots of doggie pictures and selfies which Fishy Fingers didn't appreciate !

On On On was called and we went to Hose Handlers and Helmet Polishers home for some delicious home cooked cottage pie and curry and then cake and custard which was truly delicious !!

On On Muffin the Mule sorry Muffin Muncher !!

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