Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Hash Trash - Run 196

Bodrum Hash House Harriers
Hash Trash, Run 196
Hare: Luvjoy
Scribe: Doggy Style

Twas the Twixmas Hash and eight dedicated hashers turned up keen to work off the excesses gained over the Christmas period.   The RV was at Luvoy’s house, who was busy pruning his bush for the occasion when the hashers arrived.   Fishy Fingers opened the circle as stand-in GM and regaled us with trivia about female assassination, which had me slightly worried about what she was planting in the male hashers’ minds seeing as we were shortly heading off into the wilderness.   Muffin Muncher then took over as stand-in RA and had us laughing and groaning at her jokes.

 And then we were off…up..up…up..up..up.  We were soon out of civilisation and heading into the beautiful hills above Turgutreis.   The hare had been environmentally conscious with his marks, but Fishy Fingers and I still did a good job of setting the pace and finding the trail.  The RA had done an amazing job with the weather, and we were soon all stripping down to the bare essentials as the sun beat down upon us.

The views on the trail were spectacular – giving us a chance to see all around the peninsula (yes, we ended up very high!).  We walked through the volcano crater (Muffin Muncher was pleased to find out that it wasn’t active), saw tombs, castle ruins, and had a good spot of scrambling/rock climbing.  Just Meral thought Luvjoy had been joking when he pointed out where we were climbing up to – those of us who are more experienced with his trails knew better.  All were agreed that it was worth it when we reached the highest point.

Finally, the descent began and Butt Butt set off in her renowned Billy Goat skip down the hillside, whilst the rest of us scrambled down in a less stable manner.  Luvjoy had set up an outside dining area for us on the hillside, with views stretching across Akyralar and Turgutreis - the perfect setting for a closing circle.   The flasks of mulled wine were eagerly welcomed, and the GM and RA set the circle going.  Luvjoy was called in for the first down down as hare, and we all agreed that the route had been far too flat, with too much tarmac and no scenery.   There were then down downs for the returnees (Just Meral, Just Nik, Butt Butt, Shitter, Muffin Muncher and Doggy Style), followed by more for those who hadn’t rebelled against the rules and had worn hash gear (the fact that the RA didn’t have any hash gear on just might have swayed this down down!).  Many other down downs were awarded, and then the RA treated us to more of her jokes.   Some went over the heads of her audience, and one left us wondering greatly about the b*ll*cks of the One Direction band.  

As the sun started to set, the circle was brought to a close and Fishy Fingers and I surprised the rest of the hashers by unpacking a traditional British post-Christmas buffet for all, complete with sausage rolls, chicken drumsticks, a large assortment of sandwiches, cheese and pineapple on sticks, potato salad, sherry trifles and Fishy’s legendary cupcakes (Minced meat with brandy butter icing!).  It seemed to all go down well.  Butt Butt declared it to be the best On On On ever 

A big thanks to Luvjoy for setting such a great Twixmas hash and On On On, and to all for their good company on the day.  Happy New Year and I look forward to more hashing fun with you all in 2016!

On On, Doggy Style

Monday, 14 December 2015

Hash Trash - Run 195

Hares: Virgin & Long Willy
Where ; Gumusluk
When : 13th December 2015
Scribe : Fishy Fingers

So we were gathered together on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon at 2pm in Gumusluk . 10 dedicated hashers ready to embark on our Swedish themed St Lucia hash when at 2pm on the dot up screetched Tits to join us in the nick of time making us 11 . The GM called the circle and gave the down down for FRB last hash which was CV , then called in the angelic looking hares to describe the trail , they said it was the usual short , flat , well marked etc etc , then went on to tell us the history behind St Lucia . Then RA barrel stepped in to give us some more useful advice , I'm sure all these tips will come in handy one day ! And On On wass called and off we set down towards the beachfront , then left !

We ran up towards Kadikalesi and soon encountered our first piece of art of the day ! I have never seen a check so round in all my hashes , those hares must have made a template for that , it was a shame to mark it through but On On was called ahead so thats exactly what I did and then followed in pursuit of the rest of the runners up the hill . Not long after came another check and this time there were four options to check and the only one left for me was down ( groan ) fortunately it was the right way and the only time I actually chose the right option . We ran on and more checks with the same skillful marking to be destroyed were found , along with plenty of marks to keep us on trail ( very diligent marking ladies !) . Towards the approach back to the RV it appeared that Lightfoot got distracted and fancied a detour to the sea as suddenly he appeared behind me laughing he must have done an extra KM in total resulting in myself following Luvjoy  in as he was firsthome !

A short while after we were joined by the walking hashers and our kind Beermaster CV insisted the beer table was moved into the sunshine for the barmaid ( much appreciated thankyou CV) , before the circle was called there was mulled wine and ginger biscuits and mince pies to enjoy , groans of delight were heard as the goodies were devoured by all ! Circle up was called and GM Hose Handler came in to get the opinion of the trail from the masses , we all agreed it was rubbish , and that the checks were definately the best we had ever seen , in fact down downs were given for those hashers who dared to destroy them by kicking them through !

The hares then have us a rendition of the song thats sung on St Lucia day joined by the GM who had crafted a hat of lights as worn in Sweden . RA took the circle and started handing out down downs to all and Lightfoot was most upset that there was no mulled wine left for his ( greedy lot had finished it all) lots of singing and drinking followed with us all wishing each other a merry christmas . The next run was discussed and decided that as we may be few in numbers it will be an informal get together but will still go ahead .

On On On was called and we went off to the pide house in Gumusluk where the liver was delicious as usual . Big thankyou from myself to the hares  and Merry Christmas to all the  fellow hashers from myself and Muffin Muncher ! See the dedicated ones next run and see the rest of my fellow hashers in the New Year !

On On Fishy Fingers !!

Monday, 7 December 2015

Hash trash - Run 194

Hash Trash Run no 194 29th November
Hares: Fishy Fingers and Doggy Style
Scribe : Barrel

Another low turnout but we got into double figures before setting off, in excellent weather suitably arranged by the RA after a few rainy days.

Not many front runners today but Culture Vulture and Luvjoy were kept busy by frequent checks.
The hares were particularly pleased that these FRB’s frequently tried to ‘second guess’ the hares and get it completely wrong.

We ventured into area of ‘greater’ Turgutreis that we don’t normally frequent.

The latter part of the trail took us off tarmac in places and we even passed by an outcrop of rock which the hares said were tombs.

After negotiating some noisy dogs, including one which was outside the fences we made it back to the road for the ON IN stretch.

When we arrived back Luvjoy quickly got to watching the tennis as it was the deciding match in the Davis Cup final. Thereafter we all got regular updates.

The circle started with the usual – hares, and 1 returnee – Tits back from her latest travels.

Luvjoy then got a DD for not paying attention to what was happening in the circle due to the ongoing tennis. He then continued to update us.

Fifteen love!

Tits got a DD for arriving late – although it was only a few minutes late it was after the hares had described the trial

Thirty love!

 Some hashers showed that they had learnt the hash songs allocated to them without use a crib sheet and they got duly honoured with a DD – Happy and Long Willie.

Thirty fifteen!

Other hashers have not yet leant their songs and they also got DD’d – Virgin and CV

Forty fifteen!

Noddy and Virgin got DD’s for celebrating birthdays in the near future and before the next hash.

Forty thirty!

Doggy Style was then called in for New Shoes and Fishy Fingers volunteered to join her as the newish shoes she had on had yet to be christened in the circle.


This more or less brought the circle to an end – there were a few more DD’s for various obscure reasons and then we headed the short distance to the mangal and the food.

Advantage GB!

Plenty of food, another beer and some more tennis updates rounded off the hashing day

Game set and match!