Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Hash Trash - Run 183


Where: Peksimetköy

When: Sunday 28th June,3 pm

Hares: Butt Butt and Shitter

Scribe: Long Willie

As always at this time of the year,the weather was sunny and warm. We started by the crossroads between Kadikalesi,Gümüslük and Peksimetköy,with a view over the local rubbish tip. Down downs were given by the RA after calling the circle together,the FRB from the last run was Doggystyle. The hares,Butt Butt and Shitter,promised a “flat run,no hills,no stony parts”,and off we went. But where to? The first confusion started already after less than 100 m,as no one seemed to locate any trail marks. It took some time before we started going up the hills (as to avoid closer looks at the rubbish tip,perhaps?),just like goats we ran,stumbled or walked,all 19 of us,including five guests,passing Ahmet in his windmill,with a stunning view of all of Gümüslük and the Greek islands.
Then some more confusion,where to go? The runners were far ahead of us walkers,so no help from them,as a gesture maybe to attract some help,Tits suddenly started undressing,and stood in her orange bikini,but Noddy solemnly told her not to,as to respect the Ramazan –The men will get wild if they see you!
We struggled ahead,through high grass,close encounter to a cow,between the backyards of the houses in Peksimetköy and finally downhill we discovered a natural well,that were used to water the gardens below. And so,we had come to Dereköy. The road went on,now turning slowly back towards Gümüslük. Uphills again,stony road and nice views,but by now we were far behind the runners,and also some of the guests were getting very tired. By the time we had come down to the road that leads to Teldolap restaurant,Butt Butt had called for the “taxis” in the shape of Lightfoot´s and King Crapper´s cars,which took us back to the RV,only 10 minutes or so after the runners. All end that ends well!
The ON IN was held in a stone house ruin,that I strongly suspect was inhabited by the cows in the neighbourhood-one of them even tried to join us,another drank from the ice water left outside…As we were called in to circle up,we could hardly fit all of us,but in the end we all squeezed a little extra and so no one was left outside (except for the cow). I honestly can´t remember who got a downdown for what,but as I got my Hash name that particular day,I think I have a fair reason to a bit forgetful.  I do know a gentleman guest got his fair share,also Tits and her two friends/guests for wearing pink (again). After a vote took place for my Hash name (Pippi Popeye or Long Willie) this memorable Hash run ended in a wonderful place,a newly opened restaurant by the windmills,where we were given excellent food,service and a very reasonable bill!