Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Hash Trash - Run 167

Run 167 : Sunday 30th November 2pm 
Where :Islamanaheleri
Hares : Shitter & Butt Butt
Scribe : Culture Vulture 

After a tortuous route down narrow back lanes, an assorted collection of would be Hashers gathered at the IDA dog shelter RV for Bodrum Run167.  It was great to see a few returnees and an even larger group of 9 Virgins.  Visiting GM, returnee and one of the founders of the Bodrum Hash, Noddy, stood in as GM for the day (no disrespect to our stand-in GMs for the past few runs, but geçmiş olsun and hurry on back Hose Handler).  Down-Down for the first home on the previous run, Shitter.  The hares, Shitter & Butt Butt, managed to disseminate the usual fabrication about the run – across country, loads of olives and cows to be avoided etc., etc..   Noddy, together with Butt Butt, translated for the virgin Turks and also tried to explain the principle of Hashing!!  Noddy then entertained us by inviting Second Hand Dishwasher into the circle to tell a joke – the same one she has told on numerous occasions - which was duly translated and enjoyed by the Virgins.  The RA Culture Vulture awarded the Hashit for the day to Shitter for disposing of half his FRB Down-Down over the RA.  The RA then presented himself a new award- a roll of gaffer tape, for use by him at any check if hare Shitter was also there (a bit of verbal from Culture Vulture  to Shitter on a previous run instigated this award).  Then ON-ON called.

The run certainly did go cross country.  In places the going got extremely rough, with walls, fences, barbed wire and other obstacles to be surmounted.  Unfortunately (for the hares that is), the trail was so well marked that the front runners managed to spot the trail so far ahead that certain other parts of the trail were missed, hardly short cutting methinks.  See the various photos on Facebook Bodrum Hash House harriers H3 (https://www.facebook.com/groups/BodrumH3/ Run 167) for an idea of the trail.

Back at the RV, the circle was called just outside the dog shelter as the dogs had previously been a bit noisy.  The GM called the hares in for the first Down-Down.  Next were the four returnees, and then the virgins.  Unfortunately, the GM had not told them about traditional Hash etiquette – hats etc., but they were soon to learn.  Second Hand Dishwasher was then called in, not only for new shoes, but copying the RA’s rather loud pair.  Second Hand Dishwasher had two Down-Downs as she had worn another pair of new shoes on the trail borrowed from Virgin. The GM called in Culture Vulture and Virgin for attending her home Ordu Hash at the Turkey Nash Hash in June.  The GM then handed over to the RA.  First in were the mis-namers Virgin, Shitter and Muffin Muncher.  Next was Second Hand Dishwasher to celebrate her recent engagement.  Shitter was called in for his Hashit, and then again as hare (one hare, all hares –welcome back Butt Butt) for accusing Luvjoy & Culture Vulture of missing the last check even though it was directly under a BH3 sign pointing directly back to the RVPrimitive, as the previously appointed Hash Joker was invited in to live up to her name, which she duly did in both English and Turkish.  The Teapot Down-Down was duly awarded to one of the virgins and, because she apparently desperately wanted a Down-Down, another of the virgins was called in to demonstrate exactly how the Teapot Down-Down should be taken.  Various further Down-Downs followed and then a keen eyed hasher spotted that one of the virgins was wearing new shoes – duly celebrated in traditional hashing fashion.  Another Down-Down for lack of hash T-shirt to Luvjoy, Doggy Style and PrimitiveON-ON-ON was then called to the Sunset restaurant in Turgutreis to round off a very successful run 167.

Culture Vulture