Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Hash Trash - Run 164

RUN: 164
DATE: 19th October 2014
LOCATION: Tits's Gaff
HARES: Tits, Up for It, Hose Polisher
SCRIBE: Old Banger

Oh boy it was a breezy one! All arrived and after admiring Tits's gaff and Up For It's activities on the cooking front, started socialising. In fact everyone was chatting so much we got chilly and had to chivvy up the GM to start the circle. We chose a nice sunny spot and despite the circle starting late, there were still a number of latecomers! Gobshite stepped into the breech or rather breeches of Hose Handler (please come back soon), and carried out the role of GM in his imitable fashion (please please come back soon). So the acting GM decided that Shitter should get the down down for FRB even though Lightfoot had lightfooted his way back first on the last run. The Hares were invited into the circle to tell us that the route was flat – ha, ha! The GM then went on to set us three questions, I didn't have my notebook with me so don't expect me to tell you what they were! However, a bottle of wine was at stake, so he said although we never saw it. Answers were to be given at the end of the run and the first hasher with all three correct would receive the wine.
The RA welcomed Virgins and Returnees. Doggy Style requested that Lawrence (latecomer, returnee and son of Stalker and Happy) should be named and so he was given the naming hat.

Oh boy, it was still breezy or was it the GM being windy? Well, whatever – off we went......

The route took us through a few sitesi's, up hills and down steps. Fabulous views and the opportunity to shop in Migros. Despite the wind having blown a lot of the flour away everyone made it back without getting lost. Have I mentioned the wind?? Apparently it's only going to get worse! In fact I can report it was so windy that Cunard's Queen Elizabeth could not dock at the port in Bodrum on Sunday morning, despite several attempts. Anyhow no-one got blown away and we all gathered back at Tits's place with the scent of curry assailing our nostrils...... but before that, we just had to have the circle.

And so we gathered, although as there was so much chatting it took a while. The Hares received traditional abuse and a down down for setting such a bad trail. Down downs followed for a private party, virgins, returnees, misnamers and the latecomers. The latecomers played dirty by using baby Fergus as the excuse for being late – tut, tut. Was someone wearing pink?? I think the shoes were deemed to be a light shade of orange but some argued, salmon pink! Stalker was called into the circle to celebrate his 50th and was awarded the mug. Lawrence (also father to Fergus) was then bought in for his naming ceremony. Much discussion followed and suggestions were made – Blizzard, Camel Toe (yes, CV only one toe), and Big Daddy. Just at the final vote Doggy Style shouted out Humper which received overwhelming support - welcome Humper! Isn't it nice that Happy now has a Stalker and Humper in the family?

Somewhere in all of this the GM bought up the questions he had set us. As no-one had given him any answers a few brave souls gave it a go then and there. A dispute followed on the last answer (life is too short to go into detail) but as Doggy Style and Legs Eleven gave the right answer to questions 1 and 2, they got to share the bottle of wine. Lucky them!

The circle was closed and so we leapt over the garden railings towards those heady spicy scents. Fabulous food (puddings too!) and ambiance, thank you Hares!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Hash Trash - Run 163

Location ; Fener Beach
Hares: Fishy Fingers , Doggy Style & Muffin Muncher
Scribe : Stalker

The first Hash of the new 2pm start time saw a good turnout. Most of the usual suspects were in attendance plus 3 returnees. There were 4 latecomers who shall remain nameless and who were promised down downs later!
The RV was excellent with views of the Greek islands and the weather was very kind as the sun had retreated for a while.
The Hares were called into the circle and they promised us a fairly flat gentle  7km? breeze of a hash so to our surprise after 300 yards we faced the north face of the Eiger!!!! Some more than others struggled to reach the summit  where the runners carried on but when the walkers finally made it they were told that they had missed the right hand turn half way up the hill and so had to make their descent to take up the walkers route. All that effort for nothing!
 The next stage of the run was indeed fairly flat meandering through what could only be described as a Fly Tippers paradise interspersed with the odd cow or bullock. It was at this point that a couple of stragglers took a short cut back down to the coast road.
The rest of the pack soldiered on and eventually arrived back at the RV with Lightfoot as the FRB followed by Pisspot and Shitter. After a well needed drink and a swim for others the circle was called by Dopey our stand-in apprentice GM who awarded various down downs before handing over to our RA Culture Vulture who succeeded in telling a rare successful joke at which the whole of the circle laughed - I think he's been practicing!!!!
More down downs were given for the usual misdemeanours.Gobshite entertained us with another humorous story which was well received. Our best wishes were passed on to Hose Handler via Helmet Polisher and we all wished him a speedy return.
The circle was then closed and we all headed off to Uncles for what turned out to be an excellent meal. Most of us stayed to watch yet another wonderful sunset.
                                         ON ON    Stalker

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Hash Trash - Run 162

Location : Çukurbük
Hares : King Crapper & Gobshite 
Scribe : Virgin

Hi Hashers,

This is the last of the Summer runs starting at 17:00.  The next one will be at 14:00 and probably a bit cooler, but in the middle of Kurban Bayram.  We set out with a car (pick-up truck) full of beer etc., and my lovely niece and family to try to find the RV.  We thought it was Çukurbük (as per instructions), but there were no signs or cars parked on the beach.  So we called Old Wreck to check where the hares could be and if we were in the right location.  We were informed that we were in the right location, but Gobshite needed a map.  So the hares were on their way to put the signs up.  After a dozen of cars arrived not knowing where to go, King Crapper arrived with the signs saying we had been in the right place all the time.

The rest of the hashers arrived and we were promised a very flat run, but never believe a hare!  We took off running and had some extra loops and the walkers on shorter loops.  We did upset some of the locals in King Crapper’s site and they called the management and Jandarma as they thought there is some trouble ahead.  Our stand-in GM, Dopey managed to calm them down.  We then went down to King Crapper and Old Wreck’s House for a beer stop, but Dopey of course missed that as he short-cutted.

The first in from the run was GM, Dopey, short-cutting and, of course, we will get you at the start of the next run to slow you down with an Efes.  The circle called in my niece, husband and son, several virgins and returnees.  It was good to see Lightfoot back with his bi-annual haircut.  Take note it doesn’t happen every year!  Gobshite took the prize of the year with his joke 99…99…1, 2, 3….  If you weren’t there you have to ask him.

My relatives truly enjoyed the hashing experience and I had to buy them Hash T-shirts as they intend to visit other hashes in the future plus ours, of course.

Thank you King crapper, Old Wreck & Gobshite for a great hash day.


P.S.  We are now on to the Fethiye’s 9th Birthday

Also a quick note from our hosts of Run 162 OnOnOn

'Thank all who attended and we are delighted to advise that with the proceeds of the evening we have purchased three large (15Kg) sacks each of cat food and dog food. These are destined for reliable people who feed street animals in Turgutreis and Gumusluk'
Many thanks