Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Hash Trash - Run 153

Hash Trash
Sunday 18th May 2014
Run No:153
Hares: King Crapper and Old Wreck (distant cousin of Old Peculiar and Old Banger!)
Scribe: Old Banger

Another fine day for a Hash! Warm but not too warm, sunny but not too sunny. From the RV we had a lovely view of the islands off Yashi. We all found the location, despite the last minute change due to King Crapper taking Old Wreck around the route, she thought it was like a BMX scramble course and needed amending for the walkers! Anyhow, we arrived at the snug car parking area and with a bit of careful reversing by the RA the beer tank was put in just the right spot for accessing. Fishy Fingers arrived with the well made tokens and Hash Cash was away selling drink tokens, that is..... until she dropped the box then there was a free-for-all! Obviously we were helping her to pick them up, not snaffling free drinks! Order was resumed and the GM called the circle. The FRB got his just desserts or in this case a down down (was it a water one?).

The RA explained changes in the drinking laws from 1st June and that Hares needed to be aware when setting hashes that technically there is no drinking allowed in public. Beer can 'coats' are being made so we won't be so obviously drinking alcohol.

He also told the group about the recent mismanagement meeting and gave an update on the finances, if you want to know the current balance of hash cash it will be at the bottom of the list of names that Hash Cash uses at the Hashes. If we have any queries or ideas, he encouraged us to speak with any of the mismanagement members.

We had a reminder of our hash names and a reminder for the walkers to follow the markers and not the person in front! Would we really do that??

Latecomers arrived! Oh no, Hash Cash to the fore, Old Wreck sorting out meal choices – what disruption!

The Hares were called in and this time I don't think they told us any rubbish, something about the marks being on the far right, or was it far left? Anyway whatever. We were off...............

The walkers route was a good one, we came across the runners at least once. They went through the rough stuff, up hill and down dale. There are rumours that Shitter did what he is known for and, there was a watergate inquiry at the dump. Hmm, something in common with those two statements.

All got back to the RV which is a sign of a good route. I think the walkers might have even come in before the first runner.

The GM finally broke though all the chit chat and the circle was formed. A starter for ten, who got the first down down? Yes, the Hares for setting the run. A variety of down downs followed – Hadyn, a virgin hasher, returnees, mis-naming, the forgetful one (GM forgot to appoint a scribe). We then had the naming of new Hashers, there was a lot of hooing and ha-ing over names especially Old Wreck, should she be Old Ruin or Renovated due to all the replacement parts she has had fitted over the last few years? In the end Old Wreck and Arse Kicker (a National Champion in either Judo or Tai Kwando – I can't remember which) were chosen and we all hope they enjoy their new names. Thankfully the right and left hand drinking policy has been rescinded, any hand will do! On that note....

On On On!