Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Hash Trash - Run 132

Location: The Old Stone Mine at Koyunbaba
Date: Sunday, 8 September 2013
Hares: Vacuum Cleaner, Sugar Puff & Little Bunny
Scribe: King Crapper

1.      The Gather-Round
The sun was shining and, despite the wind and it being late afternoon, it was warm.  The shadow of the cliffs in one corner of the old stone mine provided welcomed shade as the faithful thirty assembled for BH3 Run 132.  GM Pisser called the circle, but no, not in the shade by the cars, out in the center of the concert area where RA and chief hare Vacuum Cleaner wanted to ‘strut his stuff’.

GM Pisser welcomed all and introduced Picture, a visitor from Zurich with a name from a previous life, as a candidate for renaming.  The Naming Hat was donned, and her hostess Doggy Style was also called in to provide the low-down.  Very little was revealed, but two potential names were announced.

 I Love Clocks was then called out and, (for being good on a previous hash?) was presented with a pretty little rosette to wear for the duration of the run.
The Hares were then introduced, and Vacuum Cleaner and Little Bunny provided clarification of the marks that would be met on the trail.  The circle was handed to the RA for the inevitable warm-up; seemingly endless stretching, bouncing, pulling, etc, that had the assembled wondering if the trail had been replaced by an afternoon of aerobics for OAP’s.

2.     The Run
On-on was finally called and indicated towards the sea.  Semen immediately found a trail to the right but was called back by Vacuum Cleaner, and the pack was directed to a road with a sparsely marked trail, down to the sea and along the waterfront.  Imagination and hare-guidance were required as the trail led along the pebbly foreshore, between the sun loungers and umbrellas, and eventually up a long gravel road to check 1 by the Gum-San Koyunbaba Mosque.  The FRB’s spread out, false trails were run, and the real trail was eventually located and run to check 2, a short distance past MM Migros along the coast road towards Gumusluk.  Luvjoy checked up the overland road to Gumusluk and was halted by a back-check.  Other FRB’s checked further south along the coast road.  Eventually the real trail was found uphill and then to the left, leading into hill-top residential.

Further checks were then found in quick succession, and included the promised ‘beer & water’ stop where the FRB’s were able to pause, enjoy the view, and watch the struggling back-markers below.  We were joined by a dog which faithfully followed the rest of the trail and later participated in the circle.  The hill climb may have been steep, but the views from the high residential streets were impressive.  When the trail finally descended, the back-markers had been able to keep in touch with the pack by walking along the coast road.

The trail then continued north on the coast road, past the Crystal Hotel, and past the turnoff that had been used to access the RV.  As with most of this Hash, this trail had been laid on the right-hand side of the road thus exposing the Hashers to traffic from behind.  This is fine for ease of trail-laying from a car, scooter, or cycle, but no so good for pedestrian road safety.  The trail was laid by experienced Hashers, and there was no mention of this unhealthy practice made during the Circle, so can one assume that this is now acceptable on BH3 runs? 

Finally the trail turned left and down towards the sea and the RV, allowing the back-markers a shorter route home via the RV access road.

In summary, it was an interesting coastal hill run of about 7km, and about 50 minutes duration for the FRB’s. The excellent views were appreciated, as was the option of a shorter route home for the walkers.

3.     The Circle
GM Pisser called the circle adjacent to the parked cars. 

First in, the hares Vacuum Cleaner, Sugar Puff and Little Bunny were rewarded for setting the hash.  Vacuum Cleaner was then asked to remain for an additional drink after saying something to the affect that he didn’t know the location of marks on trail 1 as it had been set by Little Bunny.

The GM then welcomed 3 virgins;  Rosie, Natalie and Nathan, to the Hash.  The rules of the RA/GM drinking game were explained.  The virgins were followed by the returnees; Old Peculiar, Knockers, Picture, and ShitterI Loves Clocks, recipient of the pretty little rosette, was also called in for a drink.
The circle was then handed to RA Vacuum Cleaner, with the GM assisting. 

GM Pisser and then Shitter were awarded drinks – sorry, this scribe can’t remember why.  Next, the Cappadocia six; Pisser, Flasher, Tea Leaf, Doggy Style, Run Fat Boy Run, and Luvjoy were given a drink in recognition of their representation of the BH3 at the previous weekends Istanbul Cappadocia Hash.
The virgins were again invited in to the circle, this time joined by a 4th, Ian.  They were interrogated as to their origins, and occupations past and present.  In summary it seemed that they were all from the UK, were not currently doing much (retired or students), and hadn’t done much in the past.  The members around the circle were in turn given the opportunity to introduce themselves to the virgins.
The down-downs continued with a drink awarded to Helmet Polisher – sorry, again can’t remember whyThereafter, Pisser and Flasher were congratulated on the birth of their second grandchild. 

Renaming candidate Picture was called in and, as a result of some previous occurrence involving a male friend, was renamed Rampant Rabbit.  She was given her drink on the naming mat, and then coated with flour by the RA.  It was noted by some members that this flour could have been put to better use on the trail.

Fishy Fingers was then honoured, and was followed by Run Fat Boy Run and Tea Leaf who had been late to arrive at the Hash.  Next in were members guilty of miscellaneous offences such as wearing pink, new shoes, running at the front of the pack (yes really!), etc.  They included Luvjoy, Little Bunny, Knockers, Ian, Rampant Rabbit, King Crapper, and Cradle Snatcher.   And almost finally, Shitter was honoured for reportedly attempting to spend the night in the woman’s ward of a hospital so he could enjoy the attention of nurses.

The RA, or was it the GM, then attempted to close the circle but no, Semen remembered that the miss-namers hadn’t been called in for a drink.  Rampant Rabbit, Knockers, Janice, Semen, Stalker, Hose Handler and Pussy Galore were all identified and rewarded.

The circle was finally closed and the On-On-On BBQ, kindly laid on by Stalker and I Love Clocks, commenced.